Stat of the Week: Toasting Oktoberfest

25 Oct

A six-pack of stats courtesy of Newsweek:

• The Czech Republic consumes the most beer per person (42.5 gallons in 2010) in the world, and New Hampshire (32.7) ranks the highest of the 50 states in that category.

• The U.S. is the second largest beer producer in the world behind China, the suds super-powers accounting for 13% and 23%, respectively, of global supply.

• Beer consumption in Romania has increased 13% since 2007, while Britain has experienced a more than 3% decline in the last three years.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has 47.9% of the American beer market, with MillerCoors taking second place (28.9%).

• Georgia is one of only four states where you can’t buy beer on Sunday.

• As for what Americans drink most, beer ranks third (20.7 gallons per person in 2010) behind soft drinks (44.7) and bottled water (28.3).


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