4 May

Yeah, I thought he looked quotable, too.

This lad loves to laugh. Who doesn’t? And as both a journalist and a student of history, I definitely appreciate a good quote. Here are some notable quotables from around my block:

“You get rid of the smells and the bugs and put an ocean over there and, yeah, it’s like San Diego.” — My next-door neighbor reacting to my comment comparing a beautiful, breeze-infused Atlanta spring day that we were enjoying in his backyard to his Southern California hometown.

“But, Mom, we’re white trash, too!” — My Tennessee Volunteer neighbor across the street giving his reply to his mother’s characterization of a rival SEC fan base.

“Bud Light is bad, but at least it’s consistent. It’s got no taste and no body.” — My brewmaster neighbor while giving his negative review of the new Bud Light “Platinum.”

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your neighbor’s commentary does more than entertain. It can really pay off. Our financial services guru friend sent nearly 1,700 words when this mortgage magazine writer needed expert analysis on pending industry regulations. His take helped give me the “write stuff” to produce a January feature in MReport magazine.


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