STAT OF THE WEEK: Did you know…

20 Jun

Beware of goats and some billionaires.

• Did you know that June is “Goat Trauma Awareness Month”? These stats will shock you… in an entertaining way.

• Speaking of entertaining, did you hear what billionaire Ken Griffin, a Chicago hedge fund operator, said about the upcoming election in November? From a recent Politico story:

It is critical that the next president appreciates that America’s prosperity is driven by the innovation and hard work of the American worker, whose valiant efforts have, in recent years, been undermined by the oppressive weight of government intervention.

• Did you know that, except for 1948, every year the Kentucky Wildcats have won the NCAA tournament the New York Yankees have followed with a World Series championship a few months later? Kentucky claimed its eighth national championship in April, and division-leading New York just won 10 straight games.

• It is said that no man is an island, but what about a Turkey? New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman calls Turkey “an island of relative stability between two great geopolitical systems that are cracking apart: the euro zone that came into being after the cold war, and the Arab state system that came into being after World War I are both coming unglued… In Europe, the supranational project did not work, and now, to a degree, Europe is falling back into individual states. In the Arab world, the national project did not work, so some of the Arab states are falling back onto sects, tribes, regions and clans.”

• The next time you’re traveling you might want to be remotely involved with the TV remote in your hotel room. A recent University of Houston-led study on contamination levels at lodging locales reported that TV remote controls were among the dirtiest items. In other not-shocking TV-related news, an Australian study found a link between kids exposed to violent video games/TV programs and the likelihood of aggressive behavior.

• According to the USDA’s annual report “Expenditures on Children by Families,” a middle-income family that welcomed a baby into the world in 2011 can expect to spend approximately $235,000 in child-related expenses from birth through age 17. No, that doesn’t include higher (costing) education, which is why Uncle Eddie from “Christmas Vacation” is looking more and more like a sage:

   Eddie: “The older boy, bless his soul, is preparing for his career.”

   Clark Griswold: “College?”

   Eddie: “Carnival.”

   Clark: “You gotta be proud.”


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