17 Aug

Or, better put, words have it. They direct us step by necessary step through life, but also roll and roil with us through all the ups and downs. They reflect both our imperfections and ideals. They can be ruthlessly efficient and unwittingly sweet. From church to Churchill, they can inspire. Words can essentially construct the backbone of a whole country, and they also can destroy a relationship.

How to describe words? Ineffable, yes (ironically), but it’d be no fun if you didn’t take a few stabs at it…

Words are:

•  Downright delightful

When my wife recently brought up the planning for my birthday, the first thing out of my daughter’s mouth was “Can I have some of your cupcakes?”

• Unintentionally funny

I’ll never forget the email notice from the property manager at my old office. She intended to give a heads-up regarding the parking lot maintenance or improvements to be done. The message concluded with “We apologize for any incontinence this may cause you.”

• Frustrating

It seems that right after another exhausting, multiple-delay and sometimes AC-challenged travel experience with Delta I must get bombarded with smug ads talking about the airline’s noble mission and dedication to its customers.

• Intentionally misleading

Just see the next campaign ad in this election season, right?

• Inspiring

“I’m for learning all the words to the Gettysburg Address.” Amen to that, Pat Green. I’d do well to read that spectacular speech (just 270 words!) once a week. And, needless to say, be less of a stranger to the Good Book.

• Loving

From pure childhood connections to sacred vows to unforgettable moments (“It’s a girl!”), it’s little wonder that the greatest feeling in the world has the greatest hold on our words.


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