6 Sep

Let’s face it, in this texting world with all the hand-held distractions, cable channels and other attention wolves clamoring to get a bite of our time, it’s easier than ever — or more mandatory? — to skim and gloss over things.

I mean in this fast-paced information age where a blog post exceeding 500 words seems like a Faulkner novel you have to pick & choose & try not to lose (time) when getting your news and gathering other quasi-essential nuggets of info. A 2008 study found that on average web users have time to read at most 28% of the words per site visit and that a 20% figure is more likely.

It’s not hard to imagine headline jumping growing even more rampant. On that theme, here are some recent favorites of mine:

Man sells kidney for iPhone, iPad

• Man calls 911 for beer run   (I don’t think it was the same guy, but this was in Tennessee)

I remember it like it was yesterday… the history class, that is.

• Drunk lab tech freed monkeys

• Winder secretary gave herself pay hikes

• Peachtree City cops seek golf-cart flasher

Okay, enough of the bizarre behavior… and on to things that make you go hmmm:

• Penn State bans “Sweet Caroline”

• Can Apple Really Put a Patent on the Rectangle?

• ObamaCare to increase pizza costs

• Vegetarian McDonald’s on the way

• Mellencamp’s son walks on at Duke

• D-Wade: LeBron has ways to go to pass MJ   (really?!)

And the double-take/I didn’t just read that, did I? headline award goes to:

• Norway mass killer gets the maximum: 21 years


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