29 Oct

Going from a 1-year-old’s breakfast birthday bash to a princess party for my 4-year-old this weekend (with a college football fest in between) got me thinking…

Besides the obvious — decorations, cake, celebrations, etc. — birthdays are great opportunities for new beginnings, a chance to start your own personal new year. You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

My family’s got October covered in the birthday department. There’s Uncle Marvin on the 7th, my brother Greg on the 9th, Cousin Michael on the 12th, Pops on the 16th (he would’ve been 102 this year), my sweet, sweet daughter on the 23rd and my mom a day later, not to mention other relatives, countless friends and friends’ kids.

As for the ultimate new beginning, a perfect bundle arrived on 10-11-12 when my sister welcomed her third child and second daughter into the world. What a blessing! Besides the purest love, the sweet innocence of a newborn makes me think of promise and renewal. Don’t the trials and tribulations of life call for renewed commitment, energy, spirit and faith? Sprinkle some hope on that every step of the way and you’re doing all right…

Speaking of all right, our good friends had their second kid, a girl, two days before my new niece was born. Our other good friends will commence parenthood in December after we host their baby shower party. And my wife and I are due for No. 2 on Valentine’s Day. Gotta love that, huh?

Veteran uncles renewed.


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