STATS OF THE WEEK: Lincoln the Sides Back Together

30 Nov

In honor of Abraham Lincoln, my favorite president, and our much-awaited outing to go see Steven Spielberg’s film this evening (NOT! Sold out here in bustling Brookhaven), I give you five positive indicators for the prosperity (and unification?) of our country:

1. Eighty-seven of 102 major metropolitan areas with more than 500,000 residents have more private-sector jobs now than a year ago, according to a mid-November report.

2. Consumer confidence rose in November to the highest level in more than four years, according to The Conference Board. (You may have heard of robust Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales numbers.)

3. According to MetroStudy, the “Annual Starts” pace for single-family detached homes increased in 38 of the 40 markets surveyed, as compared to third quarter 2011.

4. Following that up, CoStar cited Commerce Department figures indicating that U.S. builders in October started construction on the most homes and apartments since July 2008.

5. Lastly, the President had his vanquished Republican opponent Mitt Romney over to the White House for lunch yesterday, and a number of leading Republican senators have openly backed off the once sworn-upon no-taxes-or-die oath. Hey, at least they’re talking to each other. But then again, nobody wants to take the fiduciary drive in the economic Thelma & Louise mobile off the fiscal cliff, right?


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