The Much Needed Breaks After the Breaking

23 Dec

This past summer we saw our home’s AC give out — the wet hole in the ceiling of our daughter’s room resulting in a substantial hole in the ol’ bank account — at the same time that both our cars (both!) had cooling issues. In that bad — and hot — stretch, I felt just my wife and dog leaving me away from living a country song. To add to the hot mess, I spilled coffee on myself (twice!) while driving to the home improvement store for fixer-up help…

Any timeout from that full-on frustration was quite welcome, whether playing with my daughter, a beer with a neighbor or just a well-timed Harry Chapin song on the radio while at a red light returning from Lowe’s.

peace-dove-2In a much more serious time, I hope and pray our country seizes the loving moment this holiday break after the breaking of our collective heart following the tragic events in Newtown, Conn.

Are we going through the motions again this Christmas or fixated on our toys instead of making the most of the all-too-limited time we have with family and friends?

“We live in a society of social networks, Twitter pages and Facebook and that’s fine. But it seems like half the time we’re more preoccupied with our phones instead of the actual relationships in front of us,” said an NFL quarterback in the aftermath of the recent violent loss of a teammate. “When you ask someone how they’re doing, do you really mean it? When you answer someone back how you are doing, are you telling the truth?”

So one more time (and every time) with feeling: Merry Christmas and on Earth peace, goodwill toward all!


One Response to “The Much Needed Breaks After the Breaking”

  1. Greg C. January 10, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    I just hope that more people like you and . . . well . . . Brady Quinn take a moment to remind us that there’s a physical world right in front of us and we should sometimes take a momemt to assess whether our use of technology actually brings us closer to others instead of making it easier to isolate ourselves and keep us from being exposed to new thoughts and experiences.

    It’s one of the reasons that I don’t particularly appreciate that Facebook filters what I see from my social network based on its algorithims where it attempts to ensure that I mostly see commentary from like-minded folks. Frankly, it’s probably really good for us to be exposed to ideas that don’t jibe exactly with our own.

    Glad you reminded us to take a step back and make sure we take a look at the bigger picture. I don’t know the best way to overcome some of the challenges of the ‘social network’ era, but it seems that some good ol’ southern hospitality and manners would do the world wonders. Be considerate of those around you, etc.

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