27 Feb
Has anyone seen my wallet?

Has anyone seen my wallet?

• This past weekend, a streak of 36 days of gas price increases ended, but not before a 30-year high was reached in the percentage of Americans’ income spent on gas. The Energy Department says that U.S. households spent an average of $2,912 on gasoline or nearly 4 percent of their pretax income.

Concerned? You’re not the only one…

• The Union of Concerned Scientists (!), according to an AJC story, reported that most Americans “are likely to spend almost as much on gasoline over the life of their vehicle as its original cost. You’re basically paying for a second car every 15 years,” said Joshua Goldman, the report’s author and a policy analyst for the advocacy group.

And this isn’t helping either.

• According to the latest Annual Urban Mobility Report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Atlanta residents lose an average of 51 hours each year in traffic. The city is tied with Chicago for the 7th worst commute behind Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; San Francisco; New York City/Newwark, N.J.; Boston and Houston.


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