Let’s Hear It For the Girls!

30 Mar

A relative recently felt the need to post on Facebook that NASCAR driver Danica Patrick should get back in the kitchen. (The fact that she was the first female driver to capture the pole position at last month’s Daytona 500 most likely elicited more stripper-pole jokes than compliments on the achievement).

A coworker practically choked on his lunch recently when I said I enjoyed going to my sister’s high school basketball games. His enlightened response was that all girls’ basketball games are horrible and end with scores of 6 to 3, etc.

The Onion, which puts out quality comedic work most of the time, felt it was okay to use the C-word in a Twitter joke about 9-year-old Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis. (It issued an apology the very next day.)

And that’s just the overt sexism. What about the ubiquitous “soft bigotry of low expectations”? For example: a father of girls remarking with amazement that a female artist could be both attractive AND very skilled.

Are future generations of males destined to board a runaway train powered by sports, video games and ego, where the chief worth of a woman is determined by how she’d look in a beer commercial? Is it the age-old error of eros? Our perpetual hunting and blathering? Anyway you cut it, ego starts with an E…

Yes, we’ve come a long way, and our country’s beginning was ahead of some nations’ present (see those repressive Middle Eastern cultures.)

Yet, the present state of affairs in this country has to make one wonder. It seems like every time I pick up one of my alma maters’ alumni magazines and see a group of students being honored in some way the ratio of girls to boys in the photo is at least 5 to 2. According to a February New York Times feature titled “The Boys at the Back,” women now account for approximately 60 percent of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and have begun to outpace their male counterparts in obtaining Ph.D.’s.

Given the present path of a large swath of male society, what positive can you say? Then I thought maybe just a few years from now we’ll start hearing the ladies say:

“That’s pretty good… for a boy.”



One Response to “Let’s Hear It For the Girls!”

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