Save the Dates

18 Jul

calendarA birth, a holiday and a wedding all within a 10-day span this month got my mind pondering dates once again. Mix into that stretch the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s most epic battle and my calendar thoughts ranged from the personal to the historical.

Last year, my sweet niece was born on 10-11-12, and my godchild’s last day as a 12-year-old was 12-12-12. As my wife likes to point out, the birth date of our beautiful baby girl, born in February, can be rearranged into her sister’s birth date from 2008.

You may have heard that Andy Murray ended Great Britain’s 77-year winless streak at Wimbledon on Sunday 7/7. My cousin’s firstborn son was born on a 7/7; the lucky little fella won the family “College Bowl Pool” in his seventh year.

It’s rather interesting how the coincidental or randomness of dates takes on bigger themes of destiny and even spirituality when mixed with the gravitas of history. How ‘bout Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin being born on the same day in 1809? And this Independence Day I was reminded once again that Founding Fathers and presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (friends turned foes turned friends again) died within hours of each other on July 4, 1826.


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