Are You Prepared?

26 Sep
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The light of information helps us in preparation. The light of inspiration does so much more.

September is “National Preparedness Month.” This means something quite different for our nation’s first responders and, of course, incredibly brave military men and women than it does most of us here in the more routine, drama-free world.

Something is lost in life if one walks around every corner on heightened alert, but knowing how to handle sudden situations — from emergency to opportunity — is a hallmark of successful people and ingrained in our great leaders. Life’s roller coaster can throw a lot at you…

How do you prepare for three funerals in 20 days (last winter)?

How do you ready yourself for twins (both my friends and neighbors in the past 10 mos.)?

And on a lighter note, how do you handle putting Jimmy Carter on a ski lift (my brother) or interviewing Hank Aaron for your first magazine assignment (yours truly)?

It’s been said that success is where preparation meets opportunity, and there’s obviously a lot of truth to that. We prepare for emergencies and openings. What about blessings though? We pray for them, but do we really prepare for them? I like to think God would make the following edit: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst first.”

Something for which I was wholly unprepared was also one of the two greatest blessings in my life. My heart could not feel more full because of our sweet 4-year-old, but somehow its capacity doubled earlier this year with the arrival of our second beautiful girl, baptized this month.


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