5 Years of Parenthood

23 Oct

We’re celebrating five years of parenthood today (and a birthday). Life is beautiful. Sure there’s less gravy and more gravitas now, but grace abounds.

Road trips on only three days notice. ‘Thirsty Thursday’ outings to a favorite watering hole. Golf, game-watching and gambling in Vegas. Yes, some wells dry up pretty quick when you enter parenthood. One still thinks about the carefree days… over yonder on the greener side of the hill. Those thoughts disappear like casino chips though with a simple “I love you, Daddy.”

Our big girl

Our big girl

Sleepless nights, out-of-town ER trips and nasty head welts — oh my! Anything in life worth having is worth working for, a wise man once said. Well, kids are certainly worth having; just don’t ask me about it at 3am after I’ve plunked down $150 for a crouping kid’s unexpected visit to the hospital. Then there’s the worrying. From health challenges to bad behavior, I certainly caused more than my fair share for my parents… so, as difficult as it might be to accept, turnabout is fair play [GULP!].

It’s sometimes hard to remember what I considered joy before my girl’s arrival. Everything pales in comparison to her cuteness, innocence, beautiful mind and the way she engages her new and exciting world. What a pink-dressed, 1000-watt smile blessing! It’s been said that if you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans. Well, His family plan for me and my wife has had us laughing continuously. J’s comedic commentary is already legend in family (and social media) circles. She recently said to a friend, who has a similarly aged younger sister: “My baby is cuter than yours.” Also, she had the following take on the difference between her mother’s and father’s college football teams: “Your team is boring. Know what boring means? It means I don’t like it.”

During these truly memorable five years God’s grace has brought miles and miles of smiles, a fullness of feeling that never could be imagined and, of course, amazing love.



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