Trick or Treat?

31 Oct

Halloween_croppedI come from a family that loves to laugh and occasionally the laughs will be at the expense of others.

1) Back in the ’80s, we were out for dinner one night when we met a Caucasian couple with the last name Worthy. We encouraged my poor, innocent mother to ask them if they were related to Los Angeles Lakers star forward James Worthy (not Caucasian). Bless her heart, she did.

2) A few years back in my editorial days, I discovered the misspelling of the word Raleigh on the cover of a sister real estate publication (“Well, nobody sees the… cover,” Jerry Seinfeld said to Elaine about her ill-fated urban sombrero selection for the front of the J. Peterman Catalog). The delightful devil on my shoulder convinced me I should have some fun with the associate editor of the magazine so I posted a “See Me” sticky note next to the typo with my best recreation of the publisher’s initials. Sure enough, the associate stormed down the hall for the anticipated lecture, but luckily the big boss man was not in.

3) My brother decided to lip-synch Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” in front of the whole crowd of family and friends at my summer 2006 rehearsal dinner. I guess we should’ve believed him when he said he’d do just that on the day my wife and I got engaged. Perhaps the funniest part was the one nobody witnessed: my sister-in-law returning to the hotel room beforehand to find my bro’s dress-shirt sleeves cut off and deposited in the trash bin.

And now for the treat:



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