It’s a Small (Communications) World After All

10 Dec

intersection_ahead1) As a writer — aspiring or perhaps just perspiring — it’s always interesting when someone introduces you to an author. It goes way beyond that when a good family friend happens to connect you to a neighbor whose book you quoted in your very first blog post!

2) Recently, I rediscovered a baseball compendium my brother-in-law passed along to me earlier this year. Upon further review, I realized that the author, Abe Schear, is an Atlanta attorney I did some freelance work for this past summer.

This I.J. Rosenberg publication documented the Braves’ ‘banner’ year in ’91.

This I.J. Rosenberg publication documented the Braves’ ‘banner’ year in ’91.

3) Speaking of baseball, it was that forum, if you will, that led to my first published work. Using spray paint! For Game 3 of the ’91 World Series featuring my beloved Braves vs. Minnesota, I created a banner that read “Hey Hrbek, U Gant Cheat Here!,” referring to a controversial play involving the Twins’ bulky 1st baseman and Atlanta outfielder Ron Gant. I never would’ve guessed the spur-of-the-moment sign fashioned in my parents’ garage would live beyond that October night at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. The funny revelation came months later when my brother was flipping through a Braves worst-to-first ‘91 season retrospective book and arrived at the page featuring my banner.


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