Anti-Social Media Tips for 2014

30 Dec
Best. Brother-in-Law. Move. Ever. #BeerHelmets #FenwayPark #NewTradition #OMG

Best. Brother-in-Law. Move. Ever.
#BeerHelmets #FenwayPark #NewTradition #OMG

Let’s make the following social media faux pas a thing of the faux past. I’m certainly no etiquette expert, but the new year is always a good time for a new start, right?

1. #When #People #Overdo #The #Hashtags
This trend is past its prime (Twitter experts recommend not exceeding two hashtags). Look, I appreciate a well-crafted, comedic post with a hashtag serving as the punchline, but overusing them is only funny if you’re Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

2. One. Word. Sentences. For. Emphasis.
This practice is old, too, maybe because so many people on Facebook have resorted to this emphatic choppiness only to describe their latest latte or enjoyable restaurant meal.

"If this Sea Bass special is as good lookin' as it sounds, I'm sharing it with all my Facebook friends."

“If this sea bass special is as good lookin’ as it sounds, I’m sharing it with all my Facebook friends.”

3. Which brings us to the habit of taking pictures of your food. Are you one of these people? Some have theorized that this practice is a sign of mental illness; I just think it’s weird. Share food, share your photos, but don’t share photos of your food!

4. Explosive onomatopoeia, i.e., BOOM!, to emphasize (and validate?) a hip quip or otherwise strong verbal play. Totally guilty of this one. I’m all for the Phil Dunphy character on “Modern Family” doing this as much as possible (or anyone popularizing the word onomatopoeia), but in real life it quickly loses its luster: “This oatmeal is surprisingly good. BOOM!”

Notice I didn’t use the term ‘pet peeves.’ I almost wince when hearing this phrase. It has been around since way before social media, obviously, but it really, um, gets my (pet) goat.

So what online communication habits do you love or love to hate?


One Response to “Anti-Social Media Tips for 2014”

  1. JDS January 12, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    Best. Post. Ever! 🙂 I would add (in general, and not just posts) pluralizing with and overuse of apostrophes. #englishfauxpas

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