Honey, We Shrunk the House!

30 Apr

To reduce your living space, start with a small house. Add more and more stuff, another baby and winter. Mix in a family virus every other week and stir — crazy.

Welcome to our winter. To say the walls were closing in is like saying a trash compactor is a tad stifling.

With spring has come a brighter outlook and a clearer picture of our house renovation plans, i.e., we’re close to wrapping up the architectural drawings for our home expansion and starting the bidding process.

There should be a word that combines a euphoric, hallelujah-like expectation with the pre-exhaustion of facing a mountain of a major project. I bet the Germans have one…

My mother-in-law recently wondered aloud how we have managed to cope in this jam, cram and scram existence (the latter part mostly pertains to my daily thoughts about our dog, whose 19 lbs. or so really shouldn’t take up that much space). And she grew up in a smaller house with three to four more inhabitants!

We all have heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder. What happens when you go the opposite route, when your living space is akin to a can of sardines?! Despite the cabin fever, the lines for the bathroom, near-crippling injuries from stepping on kiddy toys, the ever-present fear of a single floor creak waking up the baby, bumping into bathroom doors and ducking cabinet ones, our family has almost emerged with love intact and good spatial values.

Just ask my real estate agent Leonardo Da Vinci about the latter: “Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it.”

I’m certainly not aiming for weakening of the mind with our house expansion, just the easing of it. Really looking forward to that… after living out of a suitcase/apartment for 4 to 6 months!

Our house is not for sale, but you might say the family is more than a bit antsy for an upgrade.

Our house is not for sale, but you might say the family is more than a bit antsy for an upgrade.


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