The Best of 2014

31 Dec
The five-time NBA champion and my fellow Wake Forest alum's motto: "Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best."

The five-time NBA champion and my fellow Wake Forest alum’s motto: “Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.”

BEST PERSON: Pope Francis

The Pope took the righteous lead on the issues of inequality,  global warming and even United States-Cuba relations. Our canine friends gotta agree!

BEST TEAM: The San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan & Company not only claimed their fifth NBA title in 15 years and vanquished the defending champion Miami Heat in five games, the model franchise of professional sports taught us all about selfless, team-oriented play. Perhaps the most important lesson though was the determination, faith and unity shown by the team in climbing all the way back up to the mountain top after losing a heartbreaking championship series the year before.

BEST QUOTE: LeBron James

“It’s just basketball, man,” said ‘King James’ during his team’s loss in the June NBA Finals (see above). I pray that more than a few perspective-challenged youths across our country were listening!

BEST PLAY ON WORDS: “High Maintenance”

The web series on Vimeo follows a nameless marijuana dealer as he delivers his product to clients in New York City.

BEST MOVES: See ‘Best Person’


The spate of domestic abuse incidents in the National Football League, starting with the highly visible (in more ways than one) Ray Rice case, was absolutely horrible, but we can hope that the fresh dialogue about this disturbing trend in America will bring greater awareness and commitment to prevention.


While many were either forced to stay the night on the interstate or, like my mother, spent 11 hours getting from one suburb to another during Atlanta’s January “SnowJam,” I was lucky enough to get home from my office after a friendly hitchhiking episode (two kind UPS employees delivered me!), two trains and a fortunate neighbor pickup (Mike & Rachel on their return from the Caribbean were leaving the local MARTA station at the same time as me) to get home in time for supper.

BEST FAMILIAR FEELING: See the Spurs, my wife’s New York trip in March and my return to Alaska, about 20 years after going to the ‘Great Land’ for the first time to work a college summer.


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