March Madness & Musings

28 Mar

What’s left of major college and pro sports after all the over-hype, greed, corruption and other misplaced priorities? In a recent family discussion the thought came up about who can go the longest without setting foot inside the two Atlanta sports venues that will open in a couple of years.

Our world is driven by innovation. Isn’t it way past time some things, um, evolved? (I’m lookin’ at you, umbrellas and ski boots.)

Which is your favorite type of driver — the classic intersection blocker, the one who tries to pass you on the interstate on-ramp or that person who decides to stop in the middle of traffic and wait to move across multiple lanes rather than miss his or her turn? Commuting downtown for the first time has exposed me all too much to these maniacal or moronic motorists…

My father likes to belittle social media, but this content guy is almost totally convinced that radio is worthless, with very few exceptions such as NPR and this fine fellow. I can almost feel America getting dumber anytime I mistakenly listen to a DJ spout some inane conversational filler…

I try my best to keep hope in my heart. I also keep a letter in my car in which my pastor informs the church that his twenty-something son has Stage IV brain cancer…

Take out Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney  and the brilliant Zac Brown Band and would “Nashville,” the show, easily top Nashville, the music city/industry?

So I see that people are still sharing photos of their food… but not so much their food. My neighbor posted a pic of a once-frozen burrito he was about to eat. And a classmate recently felt the need to add a fishy Facebook photo captioned with “Almond-crusted NC trout in smoked olive oil. Take that, @bonefishgrill!”

Finally, I find folks who don’t ask questions highly questionable. How ’bout you?


One Response to “March Madness & Musings”

  1. Ryan Nusbickel April 2, 2015 at 4:06 pm #

    While I don’t deal with the eighth circle of hell known as Atlanta downtown traffic, I do battle my way through some four way stop signs stagnant enough to turn Pope Francis into an embittered misanthrope. Where I live in St Louis, the four way stop has now become the stage for a unique charade whereby drivers decide not to drive. Instead, they erupt into a choreographed display of hand gestures directed toward the three other drivers, meant to communicate the international signal for “You go!” “No, you go!” “No, you go!” “No, you go!” For the first ten minutes, it was almost cute. Just some good old Midwestern politeness, right? “You go!” “No, you go!”

    72 hours later, my only arrival was at a different conclusion. I noticed that many of these drivers had ulterior motives, in directing others to go first. At a closer glance, these drivers were actually trying to conceal the fact that they were completely distracted while behind the wheel. It appeared that nearly every driver buried his or her nose in their cell phone as soon as their vehicle reached the intersection. Texting. Surfing. Emailing. But not driving. It was their turn to proceed, but they didn’t know it. But when they finally nervously looked up, they feigned politeness to conceal their distracted driving. I’m a nice guy, not a crappy driver. “You go!” “No, you go!” “No, you go!”

    I told them where to go.

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