History and Hers

11 Dec

Four score (in years) and several days ago, an Atlanta writer said, “In a moment of weakness I have written a book.”

That book was “Gone With the Wind” and the author, of course, Margaret Mitchell. Well ahead of her time, Mitchell became famous for writing about well before her time.

The colorful quote about her 1,048-page Civil War epic came on the anniversary of another famous piece of writing, this one all of 270 words. A great writer who doubled as president, Abraham Lincoln issued the succinct yet epochal Gettysburg Address on the same November date.

Abe’s “Gettysburg Portrait,” which would become the model for the Lincoln Memorial statue, was taken on November 8th, 1863, 37 years to the day before Mitchell’s birth.
Relics in The Lee House

Relics in The Lee House


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