Top 5 Reasons Why Last Weekend Could Top the Holidays

16 Dec

WestminsterWins!_1215I don’t usually order my weekends rare, but last weekend was quite special. Late December, you are on notice: the bar has been raised.

  1. With one kid at her grandparents’ house and the other at a Girl Scouts function, I was able to sleep past 9am on Saturday. Glorious!
  1. The wife & I dined out and outside. In mid-December. We also grilled out during the weekend. Did I mention back-to-back pizza events to close it?
  1. The Lee Ladies and I got to celebrate my out-of-town godchild’s Sweet 16 birthday, which happened to fall on…
  1. The day her sister performed for the last time in the Nutcracker of Middle Georgia. A 10-year veteran of the annual production, my oldest niece performed beautifully in Macon, Ga.’s Grand Opera House, a 131-year-old theatre once graced by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Houdini, Will Rogers, Bob Hope and George Burns. When asked if she liked the Nutcracker, my 2-year-old said, “No, it had rats in it.” 🙂
  1. My high school football team won the state championship for the first time since 1978! “They were able to reach so high because they were standing on the shoulders of giants, red-headed giants who played circa 1988-1992,” my brother and fellow Westminster Wildcat football alum quipped. Go ‘Cats!

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