Let There Be Light

29 Dec

The only thing bad about leaving 2016…

Lots of weighty, worrisome things swirling around these days. Anyone in need of some lighter moments? Good — me, too!

  • A college schoolmate, who happened to be the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, once asked a London local where Big Ben was located as she stood practically in the shadow of the landmark. The clever bloke pointed up at the famous clock tower and added, “By the way, you’re in London.”
  • At a wedding reception, another Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, aka my mother, requested a song while the song was playing! It was Def Leppard so she at least gets rock & roll credit.
  • Ever had a joke you told retold back to you? Within the course of an evening? That happened to my dad at Thanksgiving…
  • My Army cousin can’t read his own master’s thesis. It’s classified.


    …is 2017?

  • After finishing a strong night of partying in New Orleans, my aunt & uncle hailed a cab to return to their hotel. When the cabby heard their destination, he pointed across the street to said hotel. My aunt & uncle then exited out the other side of the car.
  • Believe it or not, on my honeymoon I was not allowed in a Sandals resort restaurant because I was wearing sandals. Now that’s some irony, Alanis!




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