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The Top 10 (of 100) Reasons Why the Ryder Cup Trumps the Football Weekend

30 Sep

Impressive, yes, but were the hopes of your country riding on that shot?

10. No replacement refs. In fact, no refs at all. In golf, they are called rules officials and they’re only consulted if a player has a question. Golfers police themselves. Isn’t honesty refreshing?

9. Incredibly, no money goes to the Ryder Cup participants (a lot goes to their charities of choice though), whereas the NFL is rolling in cash. The SEC, too.

8. Johnny Miller, NBC’s Hall of Fame, spare-no-ego analyst, tops the tired, overdone act of Chris Berman any day. The ego of the ESPN NFL show host inexplicably dwarfs that of Jack Nicklaus.

7. Speaking of Nicklaus, the best golfer of all time led the charge in 1979 to expand the ranks of the opposing team (i.e., Great Britain to include continental Europe) to help achieve a more competitive balance in the Ryder Cup. Can you imagine anyone in football suggesting something that would give opponents more of a chance to win?

6. Sure, the NFL is five years older than the Ryder Cup, but the latter has 40 years on the Super Bowl and is just a tad more decisive than college football’s BCS.

5. An Irish accent beats one from Auburn or Austin and definitely from Boston.

4. Speaking of sound bites, aren’t you a little tired of football commentators’ hackneyed phrases like “they’ll get after ya” and “gotta establish the run” and “must win” calls (in September)?

3. We can always use more gentlemanly honor (which is par for the course even in the emotional cauldron of country vs. country competition). For this, see golf’s biennial event, not Penn St., the New Orleans Saints, Eagles or Raiders fans, Arkansas’ coach (past or present) or the NFL.

2. College football has the passion and pageantry, yes, but the Ryder Cup has patriotism. That makes the matches especially electric and obviously applies beyond one’s favorite player, school, city, state, etc.

1. Because my football team lost.