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My Content Runneth Over

31 Jul

Writers like when ideas come easy, flow freely. As a friend and neighbor of a brewer, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy quality content for the pen and the palate.

You want refreshing? In May, I refreshed a 2014 Eventide Brewing blog from this space into a paying piece on CraftBeer.com. Always good to recycle, I say. It nearly rivaled my grad school accomplishment of getting two paychecks from one course review article, which included a rather enjoyable, complimentary round of golf.

The month before I copy-edited my third beer can design for Eventide. Some assignments are better than others, even if there is no money involved. To refresh an ol’ football coach’s saying: pay is temporary, pride is forever!

I’ll never know the unique feeling a musician gets when he or she hears their song on the radio for the first time, but I was pretty darn proud last month when I first spied my brewer neighbor’s (superbly edited) products on the grocery store shelves. His perspiration and my inspiration turned into validation right there in the Publix beer aisle…

Speaking of musicians, my father-in-law’s band earlier this month contributed their own enjoyable content at our neighborhood pig party, a seven-year tradition made possible in no small part by our generous brewing neighbors. It is better to give than to receive, but I recommend doing both.


Feeling contented with the Gold Standard Band and Eventide beer near.




Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

28 Apr

Last weekend, friends and family gathered at a suburban Atlanta barbeque joint for the debut of my father-in-law’s “Gold Standard Band.” Decked out in festive island shirts, the eight-man group opened the afternoon gig with the above classic tune. From that point on, hearts were light and stomachs started getting heavy (pulled pork and fried pickles!).

It was a most entertaining close to a high-profile week for my in-laws, who, believe it or not, had a Robin Williams movie being shot inside their Stone Mountain home.

Nationally, it was quite a tragic week with the Boston Marathon bombings and the devastating plant explosion in West, Texas.

The juxtaposition of grief and celebration has often occupied my thoughts. I still recall in my formative years when I broached to my brother how uncomfortable I was with the idea of folks gathering after a funeral to chow down on large amounts of food. “I don’t want people talking about which ham they liked best after my funeral,” my childhood self declared.

It wasn’t my brother’s response then, but the one many years later that will never leave me. During our father’s cancer scare of 2009-2010, he said very succinctly, “You’ve got to celebrate life every day.”

We Lees have even combined celebration and a serious cause into one event. Dubbed “Party with a Purpose,” my dad and I organized benefits for our 50th and 30th birthdays, respectively, to help the fight against cancer.

Over the years, I’ve realized every party has a purpose. To catch up with friends and family. To blow off steam from the work week. And, most importantly, to celebrate life. Last week was the latest painful reminder of how fragile it is and how tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Don’t let the rain get you down, it’s a waste of time

Have your fun, live everyday in the bright sunshine…

My father-in-law provides rhythm to our celebration of life.

My father-in-law provides rhythm to our celebration of life.