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Signs of the Time

23 Jan
My high school classmate Ed Helms posted: "No matter how you feel about this election, I hope we all unite behind hilarious wordplay? #WomensMarch"

My high school classmate Ed Helms posted: “No matter how you feel about this election, I hope we all unite behind hilarious wordplay?”

You may have heard that not everybody was celebrating the inauguration this past weekend of the man who bragged about sexual assault, mocked a handicapped person, publicly fat-shamed women and so on and so on. In an awe-inspiring display of strength and solidarity, the Women’s March on Saturday brought together millions across the globe in one purpose: the protection of women’s rights, safety and health.

And they had fun, too! Here’s my Top 10 list of the creative and meaningful signs that protesters made for the march:

10) Men of quality don’t fear equality.

9) Save Melania

8) I can’t believe I STILL have to protest this sh-t!

7) Super, Callous, Fascist, Racist, Extra Braggadocios

6) Does this ass [pic of new POTUS] make my sign look big?

5) I’ve seen better cabinets at IKEA… Keep your tiny hands out of their drawers.

4) My WWII vet grandfather didn’t vote for fascists, he shot them.

3) Make America think again.

2) Women are the Wall and Trump will pay for it.

1) Love Trumps Hate!

My No. 1 lady (middle) and her No. 1 sign in Atlanta on Saturday.

My No. 1 lady (middle) and her No. 1 sign in Atlanta on Saturday.


Reflections on Fear, Faith and Family

30 Nov

A Google search on ‘fear’ produced 499 million results while one on ‘faith’ netted 534 million. A search for ‘family’ produced nearly five times those results combined.

When watching “The Roosevelts” documentary recently, I was reminded of FDR’s famous inauguration line: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear, unfortunately, can be a great motivator. It’s been used to drive nations, including our own, into war. Despite the facts, many are shamelessly using fear regarding the Syrian refugee crisis after the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

There’s a hole in the world tonight
There’s a cloud of fear and sorrow
There’s a hole in the world tonight
Don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow

— Eagles

Like many, I’m constantly working on faith (more) and fear (less). It’s been quite a year of hardship for families, testing even the strongest person’s faith. We can only imagine the adversity of those Syrian families displaced by a failed government, nihilism and war. The depth of their despair deserves a deeper understanding and level of compassion from the rest of the world, most of all from a “nation of immigrants” and the “land of opportunity.”

Life is so much more than a sound bite, stump speech, headline or Internet meme. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? In our hurried and harried lives, we can’t even make it to the third paragraph of a news report!

Family strife was not limited to foreign lands. On consecutive days last month, I heard the following comments: “I didn’t do anything wrong and now I’m gonna see half of my kids” and “My mother went to her grave hating me.” Not long after that I learned of a Facebook friend whose cancer-stricken fiancé turned his back on their relationship.

Darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable,
And lightness has a call that’s hard to hear.
I wrap my fear around me like a blanket.
I sailed my ship of safety till I sank it.

— Indigo Girls

Like it or not, human error is part of the deal. It takes so long to build a good career, reputation and family… and so little to harm them. But we must strive for those things that make us bigger and more connected to others: faith, understanding, kindness, thankfulness, etc.

‘Thanksgiving’ naturally gets thrown around a lot this time of year. It is more than just your family feast or words on a Hallmark card. It should also be found in our actions reflecting faith, hope and love. If we’re truly thankful for the day, for our country and for family, shouldn’t we live it? For making a difference, embracing our nation’s founding principles and, above all, living for something bigger than ourselves.

We’re all in this world together
Life’s a gift that we have to treasure
Happiness, now that is the measure
Love is the remedy

— Zac Brown Band


5 Years of Parenthood

23 Oct

We’re celebrating five years of parenthood today (and a birthday). Life is beautiful. Sure there’s less gravy and more gravitas now, but grace abounds.

Road trips on only three days notice. ‘Thirsty Thursday’ outings to a favorite watering hole. Golf, game-watching and gambling in Vegas. Yes, some wells dry up pretty quick when you enter parenthood. One still thinks about the carefree days… over yonder on the greener side of the hill. Those thoughts disappear like casino chips though with a simple “I love you, Daddy.”

Our big girl

Our big girl

Sleepless nights, out-of-town ER trips and nasty head welts — oh my! Anything in life worth having is worth working for, a wise man once said. Well, kids are certainly worth having; just don’t ask me about it at 3am after I’ve plunked down $150 for a crouping kid’s unexpected visit to the hospital. Then there’s the worrying. From health challenges to bad behavior, I certainly caused more than my fair share for my parents… so, as difficult as it might be to accept, turnabout is fair play [GULP!].

It’s sometimes hard to remember what I considered joy before my girl’s arrival. Everything pales in comparison to her cuteness, innocence, beautiful mind and the way she engages her new and exciting world. What a pink-dressed, 1000-watt smile blessing! It’s been said that if you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans. Well, His family plan for me and my wife has had us laughing continuously. J’s comedic commentary is already legend in family (and social media) circles. She recently said to a friend, who has a similarly aged younger sister: “My baby is cuter than yours.” Also, she had the following take on the difference between her mother’s and father’s college football teams: “Your team is boring. Know what boring means? It means I don’t like it.”

During these truly memorable five years God’s grace has brought miles and miles of smiles, a fullness of feeling that never could be imagined and, of course, amazing love.


A Perfect 10

14 May

Ten years ago God sent light into this life
When I met the woman I’d soon call my wife

Your sweet smile begetting countless more
My life refreshed when I found your shore

Heart aflutter, the typical turned carnival
I watched in awe as you did the impossible

Now big schedules and small needs fill the days
Your loving sacrifice leaves me constantly amazed

From tiny hands to the grandest of dreams
Two gorgeous girls brighten our world like sunbeams

So thankful to have shared this beautiful dance
From our beloved Peach State all the way to France

The decades to come will mix old & new
I embrace the journey with my love tried & true

10 years ago today it all started.

10 years ago today it all started.