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Top 5 Ways to Befriend a Brewer

12 Mar

With great pride, I can say that I have achieved one of the ultimate goals in life: having a neighbor launch a brewery. Should hard work and a little bit of luck ever put you in the same situation, here are some important rules you might want to follow:

1. Make sure your brewer neighbor feels respected for his other talents and abilities. If he wants to fix your lawnmower and the lock on your front door, let him do it. If he helps you clear a fallen tree and haul off some old deck furniture, then more power to him. After all, you should care about the total person (whose day job totally rocks).

2. When walking the dog, do not loiter in front of your brewer neighbor’s house for more than 45 minutes. Also, continual gestures toward your empty 32 oz. mug opposite your leash hand may be a turn-off for Mrs. Brewer.

3. If your brewer neighbor doesn’t measure up in some important aspects of the man code — like not knowing a whole lot about sports or favoring skateboarding over golf — just let it go. And realize that you’d go to see the championship of the North American Tiddlywinks Association if your neighbor was organizing the tailgate.

4. Even a brew bro-mance has its costs and obligations. You might as well listen to and learn from your neighbor’s ample beer-making knowledge. Some of it can be pretty interesting. For heaven’s sake, don’t just stare at his (ice) chest! Also, if things get rough & tumble out on the town, show some solidarity, if not muscle. There are plenty more bars to get kicked out of, but, odds are, not any more professional brewing neighbors.

5. Like beer, word of your neighbor’s brewery should be shared. It’s the least you can do. After all, the brewer brings together black and white, liberals and conservatives — heck — even Florida and Georgia fans. Let’s see a lawyer or accountant neighbor do that.

Neighbor Nathan, co-founder of Eventide Brewing and all-around nice guy, poses with a rather clingy fan at the brewery's launch party earlier this year.

Neighbor Nathan (right), co-founder of Eventide Brewing and all-around nice guy, poses with a rather clingy fan at the brewery’s launch party earlier this year.