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The Write Stuff

31 May

Celebrating three cover stories this month!



Paying It Forward

Inspired by his own welcome to a new home in a new land, Wells Fargo’s Joe Ohayon continues to define and refine successful mortgage outreach and relationship-building for the good of both the borrower and the bank.





Law Firms React to Real Estate Growth

Commercial real estate attorneys must navigate between momentum and the fine print.






Startup Schooling

Nine experienced startup executives share the journeys that led to them going it on their own, as well as the unique approaches that led to their successes. 





STAT OF THE WEEK: Tons of Guns

14 Jan

• There are more than 100,000 registered guns in the state of Georgia.

• Georgians own more than 22,000 machine guns (and nearly 29,300 silencers).

• The Peach State is No. 12 in the country for federal firearms licensees (At 9,471, No. 1 Texas has almost three times as many as Georgia.)

• The City of Marietta has 50% more federal firearms licensees than the City of Atlanta.

• There are 1,557 collectors in Georgia and one dealer in “destructive devices.”


Source: U.S. Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ “Firearms Commerce in the United States 2012” (as reported in Atlanta Business Chronicle)